Training corse: Introduction to self publishing

Join us on Thursday March 4th at 6pm. 

Self-published authors are often called “author-entrepreneurs” because their success lies in operating as a business. Writing, editing, and publishing are the tasks that self-published authors must complete to produce their product. But they can’t just slap their new book up on Amazon and hope for the best.

Products, after all, don’t sell themselves. They are actively sold by whomever is doing the marketing. In this case, by authors who diligently put in the time and effort to build their brands, grow their platforms, and market their stories.

When building a career in self-publishing, it’s important that authors publish books of a similar quality to those produced by traditional publishing houses. That means investing money upfront in good editing, cover design, formatting, and proofreading services.

In essence, self-published authors find professional success by taking on the responsibilities that would otherwise have been handled by their agent, editor, and publishing team should they have chosen to pursue traditional publishing.