Our vision & Team

Phillip Ellis - Project Manager & Founder

"To become a published author is a dream of every writer or for the intent of the words written to be realized. We can increase the chances via good proposition positioning and digital marketing. This is the future and many industry experts would agree, yet many do nothing to change old ways

A good publisher large or small will only and always work towards and in the best interest of the authors wishes."

With my background in a traditional publishing and then print house I realised the need of support for the blooming writers to become a published author how sadly, how many people get duped into costly hybrids who do no more than add you to amazon after producing a sub par book production. 

There are many renowned authors whose first book were self-published. Earlier to self-publish their book, authors had to spend a huge amount of money. But now with the availability of Print on Demand and EBook publishing technology, publishishing a book is easier . 

Using modern publishing technologies we are here to support the writers to make their dream come true. We ensure to utilize all our resources to bring out your book as you expected.


We want to work for the interests of our authors and use our extensive digital marketing expertise.