Is Amazon ripping me off?

It can be frustrating selling books on Amazon. These 12 FAQs address misunderstandings about retailing, the book business in general, and the fact that Amazon is the market leader. Is Amazon Ripping Me Off? 12 FAQs about the business of selling and promoting independently published books on Amazon Amazon is so synonymous with books in […]

How to Title Your Novel

Choosing the perfect title for a story is tough. There’s no real process to it, no formula. Or is there? Despite being one of my most requested articles, I delayed writing this piece on titling because I never quite knew what tips to offer. The whole process seemed so subjective! But the other week I had […]

Guest Post: How to Choose the Right Freelance Editor for Your Manuscript

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: SARA LETOURNEAU Sara Letourneau is a freelance editor and writing coach at Heart of the Story Editorial & Coaching Services. She offers a wide variety of editing, critique, and coaching services for writers. Her specialty genres include speculative fiction (especially fantasy and magical realism), historical fiction, literary fiction, and YA. She also […]