An Epic Guide to Self-Publishing Resources

Are you ready to prepare your book for publishing?

Congratulations! Self-publishing a book is a thrilling process, but it’s often an overwhelming one as well. Fortunately, finding the right publishing team to help you bring your book to life can make all the difference.

Below, I’ve put together an epic list of trusted and experienced companies and freelancers offering project management, editing, proofreading, cover design, formatting, and other helpful services. Dive right on in and find your perfect team!

NOTE: While these services and resources are well-respected within the writing community, please conduct your own research prior to employing them. Also note that any prices and services mentioned below are subject to change.

Marketplaces & Project Managers



ReedsyA marketplace for authors looking to hire freelancers offering editing, marketing, cover design, formatting, publicity, and website services. Free to browse, though users must first create an account before gaining access to the marketplace.

The Book Makers: Joel Friedlander heads this team of book editors, designers, and formatters offering premium services that will help you bring your book to life.

Bibliocrunch: Within this community of authors and publishing professionals, authors can scout the perfect team members to help them create the very best version of their finished books.

99DesignsFrom cover design to formatting, website design, and merchandise design, 99designs connects authors with the freelancers who can help them bring their projects to life.


Megan HunnamMegan Hunnam offers several project management packages that can help self-publishing authors gain clarity and build a plan for self-publishing success.

Roz Morris: Former London literary consultant Roz Morris now offers her services to indie authors. Book her for a teaching-style report, which is designed to help you improve your writing and storytelling, or one-on-one manuscript mentoring. 

C.S. Lakin: Inaddition to her editing services, author and publishing expert C.S. Lakin offers coaching services and by-the-hour consultations where she provides guidance on the topic(s) of your choice, including building a writing career, book marketing, steering a new writing project, and more.

Kate Johnston: In addition to her freelance writing and editing services, author and editor Kate Johnston offers personalized story coaching and writing strategy sessions.

Editing / Proofreading Companies


NY Book Editors: This premier affiliation of editors with extensive experience working within New York’s major publishing houses now offers premium manuscript critiques, comprehensive developmental editing, and copyediting services to indie authors.

Writership: Headed by executive editor Leslie Watts, this team of experienced editors offers developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading, as well as a comprehensive editing bundle. Don’t forget to check out The Writership Podcast while you’re at it!

The Independent Editors GroupThis team of editors has extensive experience working within New York’s best publishing houses. Now they’re offering premium developmental editing and line editing, manuscript evaluations, and project development to indie authors.

Invisible Ink Editing:Looking to lose the errors while keeping your voice? This team of freelance editors, headed by Liam Carnahan, provide excellent developmental and line editing services, proofreading, and audiobook production. 

EditceteraThis association of freelance publishing professionals offers developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, and many other services to both fiction and non-fiction writers alike.

Kirkus ReviewsThat’s right! Kirkus Reviews now offers editing services, including a basic copyedit, a collaborative edit, and a professional editing package that mimics the same process manuscripts go through during the traditional publishing process.

The Literary ConsultancyAs the UK’s first and leading editorial assessment service, TLC offers manuscript assessments, copyediting, proofreading, and other publishing services to indie authors worldwide.

The Book ButchersThis team of professional editors and industry insiders offers manuscript review packages, copyediting, and proofreading services that will “slaughter your writing, so it can rise in glory from the ashes.”

The Writers’ Workshop: This team of some of the UK’s best authors, literary agents, and commissioning editors offers full manuscript feedback that includes in-depth commentary on both your storytelling and prose.

Edit911The team of Ph.D. editors at Edit 911 provide world-class copyediting and proofreading services for fiction and non-fiction books and other projects.

Writer’s Digest: The professional team behind Writer’s Digest now offers a wide array of critiques and editing services, including manuscript, synopsis, and query letter critiques, proofreading, copy editing, and developmental editing.

Freelance Editors
& Proofreaders


Sara Letourneau: At Heart of the Story Editorial and Coaching, Sara Letourneau offers development, line-editing, and copy-editing services, as well as proofreading, outline critiques, and story coaching.

Sarah Kolb-WilliamsA proud member of the Professional Editor’s Network and the Alliance of Independent Authors, Sarah Kolb-Williams offer three tiers of editing services for fiction writers: basic copyediting, copyediting plus, and content editing.

Tanya GoldTanya Gold is an experienced freelance editor working with literary and speculative fiction, memoirs, and more. Tanya offers manuscript critiques; developmental, line, and copy editing; and proofreading services.

Charlie Wilson: At Landmark Editorial, Charlie Wilson offers development, copy editing, and proofreading services for authors of fiction and non-fiction.

Laura Kaiser: At Word Haven Editorial, Laura Kaiser provides line editing, copy editing, and proofreading services. Her specializations include memoir, self-help, creative nonfiction, child development, and travel writing.

Sarah Fox: Sarah Fox is an experienced freelance developmental and copy editor who works with both fiction and non-fiction writers. She specializes in young adult, fantasy, romance, self-help, and business books.

Abigail K. Perry: Abigail K. Perry is a Story Grid-certified editor who specializes in outline and developmental editing. She also provides beta reading services and query letter critiques.

Elizabeth HopeElizabeth Hope is a freelance developmental, copy, and line editor working on novels and other creative and technical projects.

Victoria Mixon: Victoria Mixon is an author and editor offering a slew of editing services, including developmental, copy, and line editing; abbreviated developmental editing; and an editor/writer mentorship program.

Roz Morris: In addition to her project mentorship services, Roz Morris offers copyediting, proofreading, and full manuscript critiques.

Liz Dexter: Through her company, LibroEditing, Liz Dexter offers some of the best proofreading and copyediting services available to indie writers online.

Cary, The Friendly Editor: Cary offers developmental, line, and copyediting for all age ranges and a wide variety of genres. She also edits non-fiction proposals and helps clients develop their cover letters, query letters, and synopses.

Arnetta of Line-Upon-Line: Arnetta is an established freelance line editor and proofreader with a penchant for sweet romances, though she works on many fiction and non-fiction pieces.

Jodie RennerA seasoned freelance editor, Jodie Renner offers developmental and copyediting services for authors of fast-paced fiction, including thrillers and mysteries.

Wendy James: For over 15 years, Wendy James has provided top-notch proofreading to indie authors from around the world.

Debra L. Hartmann: With over 25 years of experience in the writing and publishing industries, Debra L. Hartmann provides excellent developmental, copyediting, and proofreading services.

Whitney McGruderWhitney McGruder has over 5 years of professional editing experience. She provides proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing, developmental editing, and beta reading services for fiction and nonfiction alike. She has experience in editing American, British, Canadian, and Australian English.

Arlene Prunkl: At PenUltimate Editorial Services, Arlene Prunkl provides award-winning developmental, copyediting, proofreading, and manuscript evaluation services for a number of projects, fiction and otherwise.

C.S. LakinIn addition to her project management consultations, C.S. Lakin offers manuscript critiques, copyediting, and proofreading services.

Jennifer Dinsmore: After cutting her teeth in the Canadian publishing industry, Jennifer Dinsmore now offers freelance manuscript evaluations, copyediting, proofreading, promotional copy, and fact-checking/reference services.

Bridget Gevaux: Bridget Gevaux is a long-established and highly qualified copy-editor and proofreader, having worked successfully as a professional manuscript editor for the past 15 years. She is also a Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP).

Erin Lodes: As a freelance editor, Erin Lodes offers beta reading, developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, and editorial letter critique services.

Raven Eckman Library-assistant by day, freelance editor by night, Rae Eckman offers developmental editing, beta reading, and social media managing services.

Cover Designers & Formatting Options


Ebook Launch: Offers a variety of cover design and formatting services for ebook and print books, as well as pre-made ebook covers. Prices range from $99 – $500 USD.

Author Packages: Offers custom cover design, print and ebook formatting, and promotional merchandising for indie authors at a range of affordable prices.

BeauteBook: This team of professional graphic designers and formatters provides affordable custom ebook and print book cover designs, formatting services, and a range of pre-made cover designs.

Kingwood CreationsAt Kingwood Creations, you can find a vast range of affordable pre-made ebook cover designs for nearly any genre. Paperback, audiobook, and dust jacket designs come at an additional charge.

Damonza: Headed by Damon Freeman, the team at Damonza offers some of the best ebook and print book covers, formatting, book trailer, and marketing materials available to indie authors online.

Book Cover ExpressFounded by Cathi Stevenson, the award-winning team at Book Cover Express provides cover design and interior formatting services with a focus on clarity and simplicity to attract the reader’s eye.


J.D. SmithAward-winning designer J.D. Smith offers custom book cover designs, as well as formatting and marketing materials, for a diverse range of fiction authors.

Carl at Extended ImageryAt Extended Imagery, Carl creates custom book cover designs for fiction writers of any genre, beginning at just $250 USD. He also offers pre-made cover designs beginning at just $200.

Jessica BellAward-winning designer Jessica Bell offers custom print and ebook cover designs. Members of The Alliance of Independent Authors receive 25% off.

Robin LudwigAt Go Book Cover Design, Robin Ludwig creates a plethora of graphic designs for authors, including book covers, audio book designs, box cover designs, and various marketing materials.

Syd Gill: Freelance designer Syd Gill offers custom print and ebook cover designs, as well as website design and Facebook fan page creation services.

Ana Grigoriu: After working as an art director for 7 years, Ana Grigoriu began offering one-of-a-kind affordable cover designs for indie authors worldwide.

DIY Book Covers: Have a good eye for design and a tight budget? Create your own cover design using Derek Murphy’s excellent video tutorials, templates, and other design resources.


Book Design Templates: At Book Design Templates, Joel Friedlander offers a wide variety of beautiful, easy-to-use manuscript formatting templates. Templates are offered at several licensing tiers ranging in price from $30 – $250 USD.

DIY Book FormatsFrom free templates and guides to a premium master package, the resources at DIY Book Formats will help you format your manuscript for a beautiful finalized book that will wow your readers.

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